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Ministry of the Arts

Crafting a Quilt


The All Saints' Ministry of the Arts is currently working on a ministry of quilting, crafting a quilt for Lutheran World Relief.


  • We meet Wednesdays in the ASLC Fellowship Hall after Bible Study (11:45 am) for quilting and tying.

  • There is no experience needed with sewing or quilting. Please feel free to join us.

  • Tying parties will be held the LAST SUNDAY of each month after the worship serchurch.


We are happy to have the following donations:

  • ASLC Members: Fabric, thread, sewing and cutting equipment

  • ASLC Members along with folks from the community with a passion for quilting or who want to learn can donate energy, time and creativity!! Please join us!!

  • Lakeridge Lutheran Church Quilting group: Quilt Frame

  • Thrivent: Money for batting

This isn't the first quilt these talented artists have created. Click the image on the right for a video tour of the quilt these talented artists led the congregation in creating, which graces our sanctuary.

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